Great weekend with Internet TV Plus Conference

This weekend I had the honor of managing the Internet Tv Plus conference and hosting our wonderful keynote speakers around Raleigh. This was also my first time moderating at a conference which was a wonderful experience! 

I was honored to meet Susan Johnston who is the founder of New Media Film Festival, president of Select Service Films, and Susan Johnston Casting. Her passion for creating, sparkling personality, and beautiful drive for doing what she loves is something I will forever look up to! Plus, she has great taste in jewelry! 

I also had the pleasure of hosting Daniel Webster, managing director of Kaltura Inc.getting the chance to learn from him was excellent and later on I got to introduce him to some NC beer! 

And of course I got to spend time with my friend Alisha Ramsey, host and founder of the talk show AM Raleigh. This woman has the sweetest soul and has fire in her blood to be a media explosion! Watch her, she’s making dreams come through in the best way! 

Some pictures from the conference: 


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