If I Never Wonder

If I Never Wonder


My little sister graduated yesterday, so I thought I’d share my own graduation poem that I wrote for “Water in a Wineglass”

Also, trying out Canva because photoshop isn’t being kind to me right now…

“If I Never Wonder”

Tell me again that I’ll miss the stars
That I’ll miss the sunset colored poplar leaves
That cling to my hair
The carnival ride drive to my spacious house
Kisses of fresh mountain air and the fleeting glimpses of foxes
Tell me how I’ll miss the one week the cherry blossoms bloom
the tapping of my heels on red brick walkways
And the drumline, self proclaimed as a Saturday wake up call
After the bubbling Tuck lulls me into city girl dreams
Like when I run away from the memories
Lock the Pandora’s box full of the last four years
When I walk across that stage
And never dare to look behind me
Tell me that after I swear to never come back,
That I’ll want to.

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