An old favorite of mine when I first started writing poetry, and one of my first performance poems, as well as the very first poem I turned into a poster; I give you “Rebound”

Rebound is how to compare men to not only coffee, but breakfast food.






You didn’t make my coffee right

It’s okay, no one ever does

Not even him

Eventually, he gave up

And started our mornings with tea instead


You’re less picky about your eggs too.

He’d cook, then throw away three

eggs before he was satisfied,

Leaving one perfectly blanched egg

Worthy of my breakfast,

Served on a bed of homemade hash browns


You take the largest pan you can find,

And whatever is in the fridge.

You just make an omelet

Then you cut it in half,

Not because you’re lazy,

But to share


You don’t make my coffee right.

You don’t make tea before I wake up.

You don’t even like eggs that much.

It’s okay, I don’t either.


But I do like good coffee.



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