189 Miles

189 Miles

I want to kiss you in Central Park

In a blanket of fresh fallen snow

Ignoring city lights, and passerbys

Alongside the ruins of Ancient Rome

Gods and goddesses looking down on us

In the temple of Roma and Amor

Under the Aurora Boralis

The northern lights, the Finish fox fires

The dancers of long gone Vikings

By the bending skyscrapers of Japan

Cherry blossoms raining down on us

The rising sun warming our faces

In Istanbul

Under the mosaic dome of Aya Sofya

A rainbow of dust and sky above us

In the jungles of Bali

Surrounded by the sound of macaws

Riding atop a great elephant

Most of all I want to kiss you

right now.

Where I am

Cullowhee, North Carolina

Watching the sun set

Over the mountains of Appalachia alone

Where you are,

Augusta, Georgia

Behind the barracks of Fort Gordon

189 miles of asphalt away

189 Miles is a poem in the upcoming ebook “Water in a Wineglass” by Beverly Tan. It as originally written for performance in 2014.

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